My Values

Everything that I do is done with integrity, authenticity, strength, independence, and purposefulness.

What these values mean to me

Integrity is following your heart and letting your values guide you in every decision. It is having a strong moral compass and following it in all actions. Integrity is being sincere and genuine, holding yourself accountable to your commitments and actions, and making sure that your contributions are thoughtful. When you have integrity it means that you are trustworthy and credible. You act with responsibility and you have a strong work ethic. It means having the determination and will needed to do what’s right, even when it may not be popular. It means you stand behind your choices and do your part, even when it’s not easy.

Authenticity means discovering who you truly are and embracing it. It means being genuine and real, not hiding behind stereotypes and masks. Authenticity is letting your individuality, uniqueness, and creativity shine through. Authentic people understand themselves and are able to reflect on their experiences and how this affects who they truly are. Authenticity means being thoughtful and being present in every moment, experiencing each as only you can experience it. It means drawing your own conclusions and thinking your own thoughts, not following along with trends unless they resonate with your true self.

Strength means having the tenacity and determination to overcome challenges. It means being adaptable, but also having the will to hold on to who you are and not change that to meet expectations. Strength is having bravery and courage when facing your fears and embracing new obstacles. It is knowing yourself and moving through the world with humility. Strength is resilience and resolve, not letting yourself be broken when things don’t go your way.

Independence is being self reliant, being able to problem solve and figure things out on your own. It is survival and autonomy and takes hard work and resilience. Independence involves knowing yourself and having the ability to learn, to teach yourself, and to think for yourself. Independence is earning, not taking, and involves giving and receiving in turn.

Purposefulness is the intention behind every action. It is understanding why you do something rather than just doing it. It involves reflection, planning, and follow through. It is doing things after making a conscious, free choice to act. Purposefulness requires decisiveness and determination to make deliberate, focused action. People who are purposeful are connected to the world around them and feel ownership for their actions and the consequences that their actions may have.